Our Curriculum

    At Markeaton we are very proud of our curriculum and we strongly believe that it provides your child with the essential skills, knowledge and understanding they need to 'explore their potential''.

    It is built upon three core principles which all interlink (see above); The National Curriculum, including how we can enhance your child's learning through the local community, the Vision and Values of the school and, most importantly, the children and what they already know.  One of our curriculum’s greatest strengths is that it never stands still.  Year after year the teaching staff work hard to create new experiences and new ways of teaching which are tailored to the needs of your child; culminating in learning that is memorable, fun and integral to the next stage of their education.

    Essentially, what we teach and how we teach it is all designed to give your child the best possible start in life:

    ‘…we want each and every child to leave Markeaton with resilience, empathy, a strong sense of equality and confidence at the core of everything they do…’

    Extract from School Vision 2019

    Of course, there is so much more to what we do.  Trips, visitors and projects from the community, Forest Schools, Parent/Carer ‘Pop-ins’ and lots more all help to engage your child in their learning.

    To keep up to date with what is happening, visit our website and/or look at your child’s class Twitter page (links below):


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    Year Two

    Year Three

    Year Four

    Year Five

    Year Six

    Please see below for our School Improvement Priorities for 2021-22:

    1. To extend children's understanding and use of subject specific vocabulary;
    2. To improve and broaden children's strategies for spelling in all year groups;
    3. To further enhance the attainment and progress of children with identified SEND;
    4. To develop the use of manipulatives in Mathematics in order to improve children's overall understanding of key concepts.

    In order to help us meet these targets and enhance the connectivity between subjects, our Curriculum Families have created action plans for each subject.  We have four Curriculum Families in total and they comprise of the following:

    1. ‚Äč‚ÄčArts Family (Art and Design, Music English and Phonics)

    Art and Design Action Plan 2021/22

    English Action Plan 2021/22

    Music Action 2021/22

    Phonics Action Plan 2021/22

    1. S.T.E.M Family (Science, Maths, DT and Computing)

    Computing Action Plan 2021/22

    DT Action Plan 2021/22

    Science Action Plan 2021/22

    Maths Action Plan 2021/22

    1. Humanities Family (Geography, History, Modern Foreign Languages)

    Geography Action Plan 2021/22

    History Action Plan 2021/22

    MFL Action Plan 2021/22

    1. Wellbeing Family (RE, PSHE, PE, Outdoor Learning, Wellbeing)

    Outdoor Learning Action Plan 2021/22

    PE Action Plan 2021/22

    PSHE Action Plan 2021/22

    RE Action Plan 2021/22

    Wellbeing Action Plan 2021/22