Our Governing Board

    The governing body is well led. Governors ensure that high-quality learning is at the core of the school’s work and are continually striving for the highest standards. They understand the importance of pupils being well prepared academically for the next stage in their education, as well as being confident to take their place in modern Britain.  OFSTED April 2016


    Nicki Jenkins (LA appointed)

    - Co Chair

    - Finance

    - Human Resources

    - Governor Training



    Laura Martin (Parent Governor)

    - Co Chair

    - Safeguarding

    - Pupil Premium



    Lauren Gascoyne (Co-opted)

    - Resources Committee




    Matt Ball (Co-opted)

    - Resources Committee

    - Health & Safety/Premises





    Louise Wilber (Staff Governor)









    Joanne Fleay (Parent Governor)

    - Wellbeing

    - SEN




    Ian Johnson (Ex-Officio)







    Billie Wellford (Clerk)






    All correspondence should be sent addressed to Billie Welford, Clerk to Governors Clerk@markeaton.derby.sch.uk


    Governors' Responsibilities and Term in Office

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