October 2019

    Email to Parents/Carers:

    As you are all aware, a few weeks ago we had our Ofsted Inspection, led by Peter Strauss. 

    It was what is called a Section 8 Inspection and it was conducted under the brand new Ofsted Framework (which was introduced in September 2019).  A Section 8 Inspection, also known as a ‘short inspection’, is used for existing ‘Good’ schools and the primary purpose of a Section 8 Inspection is to determine whether the school remains ‘Good’.  A Section 8 inspection cannot state whether the school is any better than ‘Good’, that can only be awarded following a further, more in depth inspection, within two years (known as a Section 5 Inspection). 

    As you will see from the report, Ofsted has judged us to be still ‘Good’ and we are all delighted with the comments that he has made; particularly around how inclusive we are, how good behaviour is, how much the children feel challenged with their learning, how there is a positive safeguarding culture and how each child receives a well-rounded education.  He has also given us two areas to develop which we have started with already.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you again for completing the parent/carer survey and for anyone who spoke to him on the playground.  Although we were not able to see the comments that were made he did say that the responses were very positive and it was evident how much genuine affection there was for the school.

    Please read our most recent Ofsted report from Oct 2019:

    Ofsted Report Oct 2019 I PDF

    Previous Ofsted reports:

    Ofsted Report Feb 2016 I PDF

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