Life at Markeaton

    Who better to ask what life is like at Markeaton than the children themselves...

    Markeaton Primary School is a great place to be! With a wide range of lessons and activities every year, throughout my time here I’ve had lots of fun and learnt a lot.  The school dinners are delicious and we have lots of kind and dedicated midday supervisors to help us in the lunch hall.


    One of my favourite parts of Markeaton is the wooden trim-track on our field, which we are able to play on in nice weather.  As well as that, all of our teachers are really kind and help us through every lesson.  Overall Markeaton Primary School is a fantastic place to learn and make amazing new friends! 


    Hannah Griggs (Y6)


    Over the seven years I have been at Markeaton Primary School there have been many changes.  One major change was the building of a new hall, which gives the pupils so much more space to enjoy the wonders of physical education … and food!  But the biggest change for this school was when Mr. Johnson started as our new head teacher.  


    Mr. Johnson has brought many new things that have changed the school dramatically.  Growth Mindset is one of them and has changed how the students look at the world forever.  The main aim of growth mindset is to help people do so much more and so much better.  Moving into the top year has also been a big change for me and the rest of my year.  However, the support of teaching staff and other pupils made me not even think about it.  Overall, the changes here at Markeaton have all been for the better and I have really enjoyed my time here.

    Victoria Gibson (Y6)

    Our school is amazing. I have 3 main reasons why I think this school is awesome.  First of all, the teachers, they are incredible, my teachers don’t just teach me, they listen and help me progress - my teachers push me to my limits bringing out the best of my ability.  Next, is the facilities.  Where you are being taught, I think is very important.

    At Markeaton Primary, there are new facilities coming all the time because we do so many fairs and events to raise money.  We don’t just raise money for our school, we also raise money for things like children in need and comic relief. After a few lessons, in the morning we get a short break before lunch, when we go out we are allowed to play lots of sporty games such as football and basketball etc. on a special ground called the MUGA.  Lastly, the pupils at our school are amazing, everyone is so kind and helpful.

    Isla Sparks (Y6)

    This is my last year here at Markeaton and I’m really going to miss it.  I came to this school because my brother Alex was already here and he was really enjoying it.  But I was very nervous and scared.  I’m usually a quiet person and I wasn’t sure how I would fit in.  From the very first day in Reception I was made to feel welcome. 

    Firstly, going into school can sometimes be difficult as you probably just want to stay in your bed all day.  However, when you know that you’ve got fun and exciting lessons to look forward to it makes it a whole lot easier.  At Markeaton they always make it easier.  My favourite lessons are Art, Science and Maths.  I enjoy these lessons in particular because you don’t always stay in classroom and you’re always doing something new.  The term topics are never boring.  I loved our time traveller’s topic and our school trip to Creswell Craggs.  Going on fun school trips to different places as well as residential trips are always worth looking forward to.  It also helps that the teachers at Markeaton are patient and kind, and are willing to listen if you need some help.

    All the activities and clubs the school have to offer are fun and enjoyable.  From music lessons to after school sport clubs.  I have been taking guitar lesson which have been great.  I have represented the school in gymnastics in two competitions one which we won and the other in which we placed second.  I also learned to swim in years three and four and I have since gone on to gain my lifeguard badge.  I currently attend netball club and this year I will be taking part in the end of year school play which has meant going to the drama club.  These have been new experiences for me. 

    As well as all the term time fun, we have Summer and Christmas Fairs, World Book days where you can dress up as your favourite book characters and school discos!  

    I believe Markeaton has made me a more confident person.  I have made many close friends since I have been here.  They feel same way I do about the school.  I have gone from being shy and quiet, to performing in assemblies and becoming Nightingale House Captain. This school has done a great job preparing me for secondary school.  If I had to sum up my time here in just a few words they would be: A memorable and enjoyable experience!

    Abigail Campbell (Y6)

    Hello, my name is Lois and I’m a Yr 6 pupil at Markeaton Primary School. During my time at Markeaton, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, while experiencing what this fabulous school has to offer.

    From Reception, Markeaton has almost felt like a second home, where I have my friends around me and helpful and supportive teachers.  It is a very ‘hands on’ place to be.  Markeaton has a wide range of activities that happen out of school as well.  They sprinkle a great amount of trips over the academic year, for pupils like myself.  These trips are not only educational, but fun for us to be involved in.  Inside of the school and grounds, we have a very educational environment, including our new outdoor classroom, which is used frequently to get us all out and about.

    All of the subjects we are taught are presented to us in a fun way, for us to memorise the objective and then produce a piece of work to demonstrate what we have learnt.  We have many duties that we can be a part of, like school council and House Captains, letting children also be a part of the supportive atmosphere.  All of the learning at Markeaton couldn't be done without our fantastic teachers.  They are so kind and respectful but can also work towards goals and needs, whilst teaching us all we need to know.

    I would definitely recommend this safe and exciting place to people to come and enjoy learning.

    Lois Farnsworth (Y6)

    Markeaton primary is fantastic!  As a pupil there, I enjoy many things.  The school may be over 100 years old but the buildings certainly don’t show it.  We have an outdoor sports muga, 2 large halls, a field, a small wood, lots of playground space and comfortable classrooms.

    But we don’t stop there, if you are new to the school you will be partnered up with a friendly ‘buddy’ and as you progress through the school you are encouraged to be more independent and go for special jobs such as ‘school councillors’ and ’house or vice captains’ who help out the school and be role-models to the people around them.  We also go on tremendous trips and over my time at Markeaton some of my favourite ones have been, Coventry Transport Museum in year 1, Warwick Castle in year 2 and my first residential in year 4 at Condover Hall.  My favourite must have been the fascinating Birmingham Science Museum in year 5, it was awesome!

    Last but not least the teachers, they are kind, friendly and fun but disciplined. The most important thing I think they do though is connect with individual children giving helpful one-on-one advice that I think is really important in a child’s education.

    So if say a four year old came up to me and asked which school he should go to for a fun and solid education in Derby, I would reply with Markeaton Primary!

    Seb Varley (Y6)









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