Prospective Parent Sessions

    Our Prospective Parent Sessions are currently taking place over Zoom.  The format will a virtual tour around the school and grounds followed by a questions and answers session at the end.  The next scheduled sessions are due to take place on:

    • Wednesday 13th January at 4pm

    To reserve a place, please email  Alternatively, please call 01332 347374 (option 4)


    Primary School Appeals



    FS2 2020 Admissions Applications open November 2020
    Closing date for applications 15th January 2021
    National Offer Day for Reception/Junior School places 16th April 2021
    Closing date for all Reception and Junior school appeals which Derby City Council are processing 22nd May 2021
    Reception and Junior school hearing dates for appeals which Derby City Council are processing to be heard remotely by Derby City Council due to Covid-19


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