School Development Priorities

    As a school we are continually evaluating where the school’s strengths are and where we need to improve.  This involves consultation with all stakeholders, including children, staff, parents/carers and members of the local community.  This process enables us to create our School Improvement Priorities, whereby we focus on four or five key targets and establish, as a team, how best to meet them and move the school forward.

    Our School Development Priorities for 2022-23:

    • To further develop how teachers plan and assess in *Foundation Subjects (*all taught subjects apart from Reading, Writing and Maths).
    • Children from FS2 to Y6 to make at least good progress in targeted areas of Writing e.g. spelling.
    • To improve whole school attendance and the attendance of identified groups across the school
    • To create and sustain an effective CPD schedule with Local Partner Schools and Derby Research School

    How will we do this?

    Below you will find an Action Plan for each priority written above.  It includes: Objectives, Actions, Cost, who is responsible and Success Criteria (how we will know we have met our target):

    Action Plan for Whole School Priorities 22-23

    Further below you will also find Action Plans for each subject (arranged into Curriculum Families) and how they will contribute towards these whole school priorities:


    Writing 2022-23

    Music 2022-23

    Phonics 2022-23

    Reading 2022-23

    Art and Design 2022-23


    Computing 2022-23

    Design and Technology 2022-23

    Maths 2022-23

    Science 2022-23


    PE 2022-23

    PSHE 2022-23


    Geography 2022-23

    History 2022-23

    EAL 2022-23

    Religious Education (RE) 2022-23

    Modern Foreign Languages (French) 2022-23

    Other Action Plans:

    Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception) 2022-23

    Teaching and Learning 2022-23

    Mental Health and Wellbeing Action Plan 2022-23