Year 1

    Hello and welcome to our Year One (Y1) homepage!  We are based in the lovely Bromley House. Downstairs is Mrs. Balfour/Mrs. Beddington's class and upstairs is Mrs. Smith/Mrs. Holland's.  There are Teaching Assistants who help us with our learning too; they are Mrs. Henson, Mrs. D'Aniello and Mrs. Grainger.  We enjoy learning through exciting, creative lessons.  Our classrooms are always bright and cheerful and we love to show our work.  It is a happy place to learn!

    In Year One we always try our best and don't give up.  We have a positive Growth Mindset and we are all 'Year One learners doing Year One work'.  You will often hear us singing our 'Have a go' song in class!

    We read books all the time and love stories.  Every week we have our 'Big Write' session where we show off our talents as authors.  We love fact, fiction and poetry books.

    All Year One children keep outdoor clothes in school so that we can explore our learning through the environment.  We go outside in rain or shine!

    Feel free to pop into the classroom after school so you can see our super learning environment.

    Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Balfour and Mrs. Beddington

    'All you need to know about Y1 booklet'

    Phonics for Year 1 Parents

    Book Banding

    Twitter Policy Revised August 2018

    This part of the website gives parents lots of information about the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check. Parents can also purchase a pack to support children at home.

    Home Learning

    ‘Home Learning’ packs and passwords for educational apps and programs were sent home for each child in March 2020. Within the pack (and available on this page under ‘Learning Grids’) was a timetable of suggested activities. We constructed this timetable to give parents the opportunity to access a similar curriculum to that we deliver in school.

    This being said, there is no expectation that children should complete all activities on the timetable. The activities can also be completed in any order; however some suggestions do build on the previous days learning. The timetable was put together with the aim that parents/carers could pick and choose activities to complete at their discretion but with the opportunity to add structure if required.

    Some of the activities on the timetable require access to the internet, however many are practical tasks that are ‘unplugged’. Children can also use this time as an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy time to pursue their own likes and interests. None of the work completed by children is to be submitted to staff and will not be monitored.

    Learning Grids:

    Home Learning Y1 Week 1

    Home Learning Y1 Week 2

    Letter from Mrs Balfour/Mrs Beddington   07.04.20

    Letter from Mrs Taylor/Mrs Holland   07.04.20

    Home Learning Y1 Week 3

    Home Learning Y1 Week 4

    Mental Health Y1 Home Learning

    Home Learning Y1 Week 5

    Home Learning Y1 Week 6

    Home Learning Y1 Week 7

    Home Learning Y1 Week 8

    Home Learning Y1 Week 9

    Home Learning Y1 Week 10

    (Week 10)   Y1 BLM PowerPoint

    Home Learning Y1 Week 11

    Home Learning Y1 Week 12

    Home Learning Y1 Week 13

    Home Learning Y1 Week 14

    Home Learning Y1 Week 15

    (Week 15)   Changes Activity

    For more resources and activities, please head to the Home Learning page of our website: 


    Y1 Upcoming Trips & Activities


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