Vision & Values


    Towards the end of last term we asked all members of the school community (children, staff, parents/carers) to come up with three values that they thought best described what we do at Markeaton and how we want the children to be; both now and in the future.  After careful consideration, care, curioisty and determination were chosen as our three values.  

    How do we teach and reinforce these values?

    • In class: teaching staff will often reference them in lessons, when they see the values being demonstrated in the children's work or with each other;
    • In assemblies: teaching staff will often talk about how caring, curious or determined a child has been and they may get an award or certificate;
    • On X (formerly known as Twitter ) and other dcuments found on the website: look out for the three emojis representing each value (see below)

    Mission Statement 

    At Markeaton Primary School we strive to create a safe, happy and inspiring learning environment which allows all children to explore and enrich their potential.  We are a welcoming and nurturing hub of the community and we endeavour to work in partnership with parents and carers in the support of their child’s education.  


    We want each and every child to leave Markeaton with resilience, empathy, a strong sense of equality and Markeaton MINDS at the core of everything they do.  We want our children to experience a challenging and immersive curriculum which will encourage them to become responsible and ambitious citizens of the future; looking back positively on their time at Markeaton. 

    How will we achieve our vision in the long term?

    • Continually support and review the teaching staff’s professional development, drawing upon courses and research linked to the development and progression of teaching and learning;
    • Teach a curriculum which does not limit a child’s potential and broadens their understanding of the world around them;
    • Provide a high level of pastoral care;
    • Empower the Governing Board to drive positive change;
    • Collaborate with other schools and the wider community.