Vision & Values

    Mission Statement 

    At Markeaton Primary School we strive to create a safe, happy and inspiring learning environment which allows all children to explore and enrich their potential.  We are a welcoming and nurturing hub of the community and we endeavour to work in partnership with parents and carers in the support of their child’s education.  


    We want each and every child to leave Markeaton with resilience, empathy, a strong sense of equality and Markeaton MINDS at the core of everything they do.  We want our children to experience a challenging and immersive curriculum which will encourage them to become responsible and ambitious citizens of the future; looking back positively on their time at Markeaton. 

    What do we value?

    • Happiness and Equality for all of the children;
    • Staff who know your child and respect them as individuals;
    • A Curriculum which challenges all children;
    • Responsibility and independence;
    • Mental Well-being and a healthy lifestyle;
    • Outdoor Provision which allows children to explore the natural world;
    • Confidence and cooperation;
    • Encouraging all children to value the importance of working hard, learning from mistakes and responding positively to challenge; what we refer to as a Growth Mindset;
    • British ValuesDemocracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Understanding and Knowledge of Different Faiths and Beliefs
    • Recognition of achievement.

    How will we achieve our vision in the long term?

    • Continually support and review the teaching staff’s professional development, drawing upon courses and research linked to the development and progression of teaching and learning;
    • Teach a curriculum which does not limit a child’s potential and broadens their understanding of the world around them;
    • Provide a high level of pastoral care;
    • Empower the Governing Board to drive positive change;
    • Collaborate with other schools and the wider community.








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