Outdoor Learning

    Our vision is that over the next few years we will enhance the profile and provision of our Outdoor Learning to be able to provide specialised Forest School sessions (click on link below) to children across the school and local community, as well as integrating the use of Outdoor Learning to create a sustainable outdoor area.

    It will create a chance to:

    • Connect with the natural world; 
    • Deliver first hand experiences of life and growth; 
    • Explore endless opportunities for creativity and imagination; 
    • Improve fitness and physical development. 

    There are clear health benefits associated with outdoor learning. Children need daily exercise, vigorous enough to get them out of breath with their hearts and lungs working hard. With this focus, we will ensure that through tailored forest learning activities and other outdoor learning opportunities, such as foraging and den building, these needs will be more than met every day. 

    Exercise also improves children's emotional health, allowing for relaxation and calmness and a heightened sense of well-being.  It can provide opportunities for independent learning, building confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

    In the emergence of the modern world, play is becoming a thing of the past and we believe this vision will bring it right back where it needs to be.


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