At Markeaton Primary School we strive to create an environment which gives all children the opportunity to explore and enrich their potential.  Whether it be building habitats in our outdoor classroom, competing in a gymnastics competition or writing a captivating short story, our aim is to deliver a challenging and immersive curriculum which engages the children and provides them with the tools to become responsible and ambitious citizens of the future.

    The great thing about potential is that there is no limit to it and what we try to do every day at Markeaton is help the children to embrace the possibility of being whatever they want to be.  Our focus is to challenge, educate and support them along their journey.  

    So, how do we do this?

    At Markeaton we have new and experienced staff who really know and understand your child. Together, they help to nurture a caring ethos which permeates throughout the school.  All children know that they have someone to turn to at Markeaton and someone who will give them help and guidance, if and when they need it.  A happy child is a happy learner.

    Allowing children to explore and enrich their potential is also rooted in our lessons and the way in which we teach.  Being challenged and having high expectations is not unique to any one child or any one group of children.  All children should feel challenged and supported when they come to school and what we endeavour to do is give children the resilience to overcome such challenges and experience what it feels like to be someone who has the capacity to solve problems, work as a team and never give up.  Much of this is underpinned by Markeaton MINDS; a powerful way of thinking which we ask the children to consider in everything that they do and the way which we deliver teaching and learning

    Finally, we try to build sustainable and effective links with parents, carers and the wider community.  Not only do we have a very proactive PTFA who work incredibly hard throughout the year to raise money, we also have a community which really believes in what the school can achieve.  Our recent Ofsted report said we had ‘…a strong community ethos where together everyone can realise the school’s vision to ’grow and learn together’.  This partnership is intergal to everything we do at Markeaton.

    There are many other positive aspects to life at Markeaton but by exploring the website you will be given a much greater insight into what we do and why we do it.  

    If you would like to know more about Markeaton then please contact the school office and book an appointment.

    Kind regards,

    Mr. I. Johnson



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