Eco Council

    This year, with the help of some incredibly enthusiastic children, we have formed our very own Eco Council.  Back in the Autumn Term, a whole school recycling assembly (see below) invited the children to think about why recycling is so important, the impact waste and litter can have on the environment and what we, as a school, could do to help.  It was at this point we were then introduced to a website called terracyle (see link below).  Here you can sign up for all kinds of recycling initiatives and become a recognised drop off point for various household items.

    At the moment, we are a drop off point for crisp packets and used beauty products.  In fact, if we collect the largest amount of used beauty products in the country between now and July we stand a chance of winning a £10,000 playground made from recycled plastics!  The crisp packet scheme has really taken off too and we’ve already accumulated our first batch of terracycle points!  

    Following the assembly, the children were also asked to design a logo and name for the new Eco Council.  After a very difficult decision, the name ‘Rockin Recyclers’ was chosen and a new logo (which has now been made into a badge for the Eco Council members) was born!  We plan to meet once or twice a half term and already we have some very exciting ideas – take a look on Twitter to find out more!

    In the meantime, feel free to contact school if you come across any other amazing recycling ideas or any suggestions for how we could do more.

    Thank you

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