Connecting Classrooms

    Two new updates for 2023

    We did it!  We have now been given intermediate International School Status by the British Council!!

    We're also now members of the Global School Alliance!

    Towards the end of 2017 we found out that we had been successful with a bid to the British Council; namely a project called ‘Connecting Classrooms’.

    Connecting Classrooms is a global programme for schools, designed to prepare young people for life in a global society and work in a global economy. The project supports teachers to develop their classroom practice in core skills – the six essential skills that young people need to prosper in the 21st Century. This will then help them shape the future for themselves and generations to come. Connecting Classrooms is a partnership between the British Council and the Department for International Development.

    Watch this short video to find out more:

    Back in early November 2019, Mrs Beddington, Miss Hughes and Miss Gaskin all travelled to Tanzania as part of the project and spent some time in Living Hope Primary.  The Headteacher, Mr Methusela Phanuel, recently sent this email in response to a letter I sent him prior to the trip (click link below):

    Letter to Colleagues in Tanzania

    Hi, Mr Ian Johnson, my name is Methusela Phanuel a headteacher at Living Hope primary school in Morogoro Tanzania, please sorry for being late to reply your letter you wrote to me, it true that through this connecting classroom has helped us create partnership between  our schools, and enable us to exchange different teaching and learning skills we have. Our school have 13 years since it was started, and I have been a headteacher for five years, the number of pupils I have is 572, with teachers 23, we real enjoy to work at this school.

    Let me take this opportunity to thank you so much for allowing your teachers, madam Sam, Rachel and Hayley to come to vist my school, Frankly speaking we had a good time we them, almost three days entering in the class during the morning and afternoon doing staff proffesional training which was a good thing where by through it we exchanged ideas on how teaching and learning is done in Tanzania as well as in UK.

    With them we did different sports and games in the classroom and outside, one of the game they did with my pupils in the classroom from your school was Gingerbread Man game, it was a good game.

    By responding to your questions, The key qualities I want my children to have is to trust themselves and have full confident on what they have been studying to my school. Patience, compassion and determination, these are part of our school vision.

    On a personal level, Iam married with one child, called Emmanuel aged 8 years old, he is grade two next year grade three. My wife is called Euphrasia Kapinga. We have lived in Morogoro for 8 years now.

    Thank you so much for your cooperation you shown to our school, reach my greetings to your staff.

    Hope to see you in may next year 2020.

    Wish you a good job.

    Methusela Phanuel.


    Habari yako Ian Johnson? How are Ian Johnson?  I am happy to see your reply on my email which was explaining my appreciation to your teacher what they did during their visit to my our school, also I am happy to see your school and different activities you are doing in your school through your website, I expect to see more  I shall come in your country in May.

    What I can say now let continue sharing different ideas on teaching and learning and also social issues. One of challenge to our school is that we do not have enough teaching aid which helps in practical teaching and makes pupils understand well.

    Sorry for delaying answering your email, in January i was doing my examinations of open university, taking bachelor of ARTS IN ECONOMICS, apart from my teaching course.

    Wish you good job and greet our friend teachers and other staffs from your school.

    Your friend, Phanuel M.  


    Check out this great video clip from Living Hope Primary on our Twitter feed...Mr Emmanuel (the Headteacher) says the children are giving a demonstration on 'Voluntary Actions' - giving to those who are poor and in need:

    Markeaton Twitter Feed

    As you can see, the project has got off to a great start and we can’t wait for them to come over later in the Summer.  Take a look at the Twitter Feed for updates and here are some photos from the trip:





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