Reading and Writing

    Reading and Writing are taught throughout the school using guidance from the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

    Children in Years One to Six have a daily Reading/Writing lesson lasting around an hour. Foundation children are introduced to Reading and Writing skills through a range of carefully planned integrated activities which follow a child’s own interests.

    In all classes the children are given opportunities to develop their skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Children have access to a range of texts including stories, poetry, non-fiction and play scripts.  Examples of each are available to bring home at various stages and the support of home reading is important.  Regular Guided Reading sessions also take place in Years Two to Six where a real focus is placed upon understanding a text and talking about some of the meanings within it.

    Phonic skills are introduced from Reception and developed throughout the school.  We begin by learning to recognise high frequency words and letter sounds with Letters and Sounds, Phonics Play and Jolly Phonics teaching materials.  When the children are confident and familiar with the single letter sounds, we begin to blend the sounds together.

    Spelling strategies are also taught with No Nonsense Spelling resources used consistently in Years Two to Six and each class is taught further grammar and punctuation skills.

    The children are given many opportunities to write for a range of purposes and in a variety of ways e.g. letters, stories, poems, lists, reports etc.  Sometimes we may ask the children to write real letters to a real company so that they gain an understanding of what it means to write in the real world.

    Other literacy opportunities include the use of reading buddies, Markeaton Times Journalists Group, a daily reading breakfast club and productions from our very own Drama Club.  Class assemblies also provide an opportunity to showcase a range of Reading and Writing skills.

    Computing supports Reading and Writing teaching and learning as appropriate throughout the school.  

    Please click on the links below to download any recent presentations delivered in school:

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    Useful Websites

    How to pronounce sounds - a useful guide for Parents/Carers

    This website provides a video of a child pronouncing the phonemes from each set of Phase 2 and 3 GPCs.

    Parents can download a certain amount of resources for free and a further subscriber option for £9.99 a year allows access to all resources.

    This website focuses on reading at home.

    This website has a certain amount of free resources and a further subscriber option for £12 a year access to all resources and games.

    This part of the website gives parents lots of information about the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check. Parents can also purchase a pack to support children at home.


    Reading Together Tips

    Reading for Pleasure

    If you are looking for recommended books to read with your children, please find a list of recommended books here:
    We also work in partnership with A New Chapter Books, an independent book store promoting diversity and inclusion. We currently have a wish list for our school library, with a number of books promoting autism, ADHD, emotions, disabilities and a number of strong female protagonists. You can find our school's wish list here:
    If your child loves to keep up-to-date with brand new books and enjoys the lastest releases, please find A New Chapter Book's latest reading challenge, with a diverse range of books to enjoy for each year group:

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