Our Staff

    Staff List

    Mr. Ian Johnson Headteacher (Sports Leader) Safeguarding
    Mrs. Emma Balfour Assistant Headteacher SENCO & Inclusion
    Mrs. Emma Edge Assistant Headteacher Teaching & Learning/Music Leader

    Key Stage 2


    Key Stage 1

    Teachers: Miss Kim Herriman           Upper KS2 Leader/Computing Leader/Maths Leader        Teachers: Mrs. Jane Taylor Design & Technology Leader
      Mr. Sam Holmes 

    History Leader/Forest School Leader

        Mrs. Emma Balfour Sports Leader
      Miss Jessica Hawley Designated Senior Leader of Mental Health/ PSHE Leader/Pupil Premium Leader     Miss Victoria Gamble KS1 Leader/Arts Leader/Phonics Leader
      Mrs. Teresa Smith Science Leader     Miss Sophie Payne Religious Education Leader
      Miss Rachel Hughes Maths Leader/Computing Leader     Mrs. Emma Edge Music Leader
      Mrs. Laura Clayton Lower KS2 Leader     Mrs. Debbie Donnelly  Geography and Global Citizenship Leader
      Mrs Annabelle Grogan Modern Foreign Languages Leader        
      Miss Rebecca Waller KS2 English Leader        
      Miss Amy Hudson          
    Teaching Assistants: Ms. Ruby Morrison     Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Rachel Henson  
      Mrs. Louise Wilber*    


    Mrs. Colette Ruston*  
      Mrs. Louise Outten-Mann       Mr. Hasan Anwar  
      Mrs. Charlotte Sadra*       Mrs. Louise Damri  
      Mrs. Claire Fletcher       Mrs. Rosie Gregory*  
      Mrs. Sian Ferne       Miss Ellie Robinson  
      Miss Kim Yeoman       Mrs. Liz D'aniello  
      Mrs. Karen Greenaway       Mrs. Lauren Simon  
      Ms. Rebecca Guest       Mrs. Kerrie Bale*  
      Mr. Derrick Campbell          
      Mrs. Claire Bradshaw *          
      Miss Marie Ball Learning Mentor        
      Mrs. Donna Underwood          

    Foundation Stage 2


    Support Staff

    Teachers: Miss Jo Sidebottom Foundation Stage Leader/Pupil Premium Leader   School Business Manager Mrs. Sally Shaw  
      Miss Hayley Gaskin English Leader   Office Manager Mrs. Elaine Gray  
            Finance Officer Miss Jasmine Hurst   
    Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Donna Grainger *     School Administrator & Attendance Officer Mrs. Joanne Blackshaw  
      Mrs. Louise Griggs *     Site Manager Mr. Ade Shelton*  
      Miss Kim Yeoman     Caretaker Mr. Stephen Thompson  
      Mrs. Claire Fletcher     Cleaning Supervisor Mrs. Dawn Lynch  
      Ms. Mili Veira     Caretaking Team Members: Mrs. Annette Eagles  
            City Resource Officer for Sight Impaired Mr. Adrian Farnsworth  
            Teacher for Visually Impaired Ms. Rachel Maxted  
            Teaching Assistant for Visually Impaired Ms. Sara Talts  
            Library Co-ordinator Miss Debbie Balson  

    Midday Staff


    Kitchen Staff

    Midday Supervisors:  Mrs. Hayley Grace Midday Team Leader   Catering Manager Mrs. Marie Stoodley *  
      Mrs. Kim Ronchi     Cook Mrs. Deborah Thornewill  
      Mrs. Rachael Bowler     Kitchen Assistants: Mrs. Janet Burdell *  
      Miss Samantha Gibson       Mrs. Cheryl Bailey  
      Mrs. Maria Wilkes       Mrs. Kirsty Wilson  
      Mrs. Lenka Bruchtilova       Mrs. Wendy Knibbs  
      Miss Lana Karim *          
      Mrs. Janet Bates *          
      Mrs. Kirsty Wilson *          
      Miss Cheryl Bailey          
      Mrs. Kirsty Miles *          
      Mr. Kevin Tims Relief Staff        
      Miss Joanne Phillips * Midday First Aider   * First Aid    

    The teachers are awesome, even when they tell us to be quiet.

    The admin team are second to none. They always find the answer you need and help you when you are disorganised.

    Markeaton is a great school to work at. I love every day.

    Our school does not have any employees which earn over £100,000 on an annual basis.

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