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    Google Analytics

    The cookies used by Google Analytics are:





    Information is collected in an anonymous form and are used to compile reports about the users' visits to the site (including where users have come from, number of users and the pages on the website that have visited). This information is used to improve our website.

    Session Control  ASP.Net_SessionID

    Used to establish connections between the client and server.

    No private data is held and the cookie is removed as soon as the browser is closed.
    Log in session and authentication

    Fed Auth

    Used only for Administrator, Editor or Publisher users updating website content.

    Cookie is removed as soon as the browser is closed.

    Accessibility Options Style

    Remembers settings such as the standard view and high visibility links at the bottom of a webpage.

    Cookie is removed after 24 hours.

    Share Count _atuvc

    Connected with the 'Add This function' associated with, for example, the Bookmark and Share icon.

    Cookie is removed after 48 hours.
    User login sessions RequestVerificationTokenLW_ Required for retaining user login sessions. May be used when, for example, an admin user logs in via 'Admin'.
    User recognition



    Erasure of this cookie prevents the website recognising the user. Temporary cookie file which is erased once the web browser is closed.

    Last Activity



    Measures the period of user inactivity when logged into the Fluency CMS. Cookie is removed once browser is closed.
    Third party cookies




    May be used if the user decides to share the website using the Bookmark and Share icon. Cookies will be received from the third party (e.g.  Twitter) when sharing the website.

    Twitter Feed