Markeaton MINDS

    At Markeaton our curriculum and the attitudes we want the children to leave with in Y6 are underpinned by something called Markeaton MINDS (also known as Markeaton Acheivosaurs in Foundation Stage Two).  It is talked about a lot in school and appears in our school video, but what does it actually mean?

    Well, the easiest way for you to understand is to look at the two images below (you will see them around school pretty much everywhere!)

    In Foundation Stage Two it looks like this:

    And in Year One to Year Six, it looks like this:

    So the above are what we look for in and around school...

    ...and this is where it sits within our curriclum - right in the middle!  In Foundation Stage Two it's here:

    And in Year One to Year Six, it's here: