Year 3

    Welcome to Year 3 (Y3)!  We believe in providing the children in our care, with quality learning experiences delivered through our creative curriculum. Our creative curriculum is taught through our wide ranging topics. From ‘Tomb Raiders’ to ‘Where’s Wally?’ our topics are created to encompass all core and foundation subjects.  Throughout the year, we also embark on a variety of trips to enrich the topic that we are working on.  This is also supplemented by a range of visitors in school.

    An essential part of our curriculum is the ‘Growth Mindset’ that we strive to embed in all areas.  We encourage all children to try their best and have a positive attitude towards their learning.  As a consequence we hope to develop the message that all children are capable of achieving whatever they set their mind to.

    We hope that through our new website, you gain a stronger insight into your child’s experience of Y3.  We are thoroughly looking forward to sharing the exciting and innovative activities that we undertake throughout the year.

    Many Thanks,

    The Year 3 Team


    Mrs. Sadra, Mrs. Wilber and Mrs. Fletcher (Teaching Assistants)

    Please visit our Dates For Your Diary page for information regarding upcoming trips and activities for Year 3