Year 3

    Welcome to Year 3 (Y3)!  We believe in providing the children in our care, with quality learning experiences delivered through our creative curriculum. Our creative curriculum is taught through our wide ranging topics. From ‘Tomb Raiders’ to ‘Where’s Wally?’ our topics are created to encompass all core and foundation subjects.  Throughout the year, we also embark on a variety of trips to enrich the topic that we are working on.  This is also supplemented by a range of visitors in school.

    An essential part of our curriculum is the ‘Growth Mindset’ that we strive to embed in all areas.  We encourage all children to try their best and have a positive attitude towards their learning.  As a consequence we hope to develop the message that all children are capable of achieving whatever they set their mind to.

    We hope that through our new website, you gain a stronger insight into your child’s experience of Y3.  We are thoroughly looking forward to sharing the exciting and innovative activities that we undertake throughout the year.

    Many Thanks,

    The Year 3 Team,

    Miss Clark and Miss Hawley (Classroom Teachers)

    Mrs. Gregory, Mrs. Damri, Mrs. Wilber and Miss Bale (Teaching Assistants)

    Home Learning

    ‘Home Learning’ packs and passwords for educational apps and programs were sent home for each child in March 2020. Within the pack (and available on this page under ‘Learning Grids’) was a timetable of suggested activities. We constructed this timetable to give parents the opportunity to access a similar curriculum to that we deliver in school.

    This being said, there is no expectation that children should complete all activities on the timetable. The activities can also be completed in any order; however some suggestions do build on the previous days learning. The timetable was put together with the aim that parents/carers could pick and choose activities to complete at their discretion but with the opportunity to add structure if required.

    Some of the activities on the timetable require access to the internet, however many are practical tasks that are ‘unplugged’. Children can also use this time as an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy time to pursue their own likes and interests. None of the work completed by children is to be submitted to staff and will not be monitored.

    Learning Grids:

    Home Learning Y3 Week 1

    Home Learning Y3 Week 2

    Letter from Miss Hawley   07.04.20

    Letter from Miss Clark   07.04.20

    Home Learning Y3 Week 3

    Home Learning Y3 Week 4

    Mental Health Y3 Home Learning

    Home Learning Y3 Week 5

    Home Learning Y3 Week 6

    Home Learning Y3 Week 7

    Home Learning Y3 Week 8

    Home Learning Y3 Week 9

    Home Learning Y3 Week 10

    (Week 10)   Embrace Our Differences PowerPoint

    (Week 10)   International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination PowerPoint

    Home Learning Y3 Week 11

    Home Learning Y3 Week 12

    Home Learning Y3 Week 13

    (Week 13)   Wellbeing Activity Calendar

    Home Learning Y3 Week 14

    (Week 14)   Topic L1 Maya Number System Worksheet

    (Week 14)   Topic L1 Mayan Civilisation Number System

    (Week 14)   Topic L2 Mayan Art PowerPoint

    (Week 14)   Topic L3 Lesson Presentation Maya Writing

    (Week 14)   Topic L4 Maya Writing Comprehension

    Home Learning Y3 Week 15

    (Week 15)   Topic L1 School Year Memory Page

    (Week 15)   Topic L3 Bucket List

    (Week 15)   Topic L4 Moving On Poem

    For more resources and activities, please head to the Home Learning page of our website: 


    Y3 Upcoming Trips & Activities

    Tues 21st July Miss Clark's Y3 Class Picnic - 10am - 12pm    
      Miss Hawley's Y3 Class Picnic - 1 - 3pm

    For further information, please click on the above links to download letters.



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