Here at Markeaton Primary School, our philosophy is to enable each child to enjoy Mathematics and to appreciate its value in everyday life. We aim to foster a learning environment in which all pupils are provided with experiences that lead to a consistently high level of achievement in Mathematics.

    We believe that competence with calculations is essential, but that Mathematics is so much more!

    We believe Mathematics is a creative and highly interconnected subject that is essential to everyday life, not only as a keystone to science, technology and computing, but also in the wider world. Our Mathematics provision at Markeaton Primary School provides children with the foundation for understanding number, the ability to reason, think logically and problem solve with resilience in order to prepare them for life in the wider world; it is therefore essential that it is embedded throughout all strands of the National Curriculum. By adopting a mastery approach, it is intended that all children, regardless of their starting point, leave Markeaton Primary School with an appreciation and enthusiasm for maths, resulting in a lifelong positive relationship with number. 

    Our Curriculum

    In order to help us fulfil these goals we have decided to implement the "Teaching for Mastery" approach across the school, using White Rose materials to help support children's learning. This whole class approach has the philosophy of 'everyone can achieve', meaning children deepen their understanding within a topic, mastering skills in fluency, problem solving and reasoning.

    To find out more about the White Rose curriculum, click here.

    Our Lessons

    Our lessons encourage children to revisit essential skills and key number facts in our daily Fast Four. We revisit previous learning during our In Focus tasks and introduce new learning concepts during our teacher-led Let's Learn session. We work collaboratively (using our "More than Just Me" mindset) during our Guided Practice tasks and encourage children to work independently during our Independent Practice, allowing children to practise and utilise the skills they have learned to solve fluency, problem solving and reasoning questions. Children who feel ready to deepen their own understanding have the opportunity to stretch and challenge their knowledge through Deepening Star tasks and our Now What? challenges encourage us to explore open-ended challenges, or to create our own questions!

    Times Tables Rock Stars

    Times Tables Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of regular times tables practice. Each week, children practise their speed, accuracy and recall of times tables and associated facts, using a mixture of the online platform, printed worksheets, rolling numbers and low stakes testing. This format has very successfully boosted times tables recall speed for hundreds of thousands of pupils over the last 8 years in over 16,000 schools - both primary and secondary - worldwide and Markeaton is proud to be a TTRS school! 



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