Visually Impaired Provision

    Markeaton Primary has a long established Enhanced Resource Base (ERB) for children who are blind or have a severe visual impairment (VI). It is the only ERB for primary aged pupils in Derby. This means that children with visual impairments, with support, can be educated alongside their sighted peers. These pupils are supported by experienced specialist VI staff who can support them; some children progress to Braille and some are large print users.  All of the children at Markeaton become more aware of the needs of their VI class members.  As a specialist VI team, we regularly involve the whole class in VI awareness workshops and children learn how to support a visually impaired class member, example, by sight guiding a friend or being involved in a tactile game or activity.

    Learning through touch is an essential aspect of consolidating learning for our VI pupils.  We have built up a considerable amount of tactile resources and models which help the children to better understand the concepts and topics that the class is studying.  On educational visits we would always endeavour to find or create additional tactile experiences for those with a visual impairment. At Christmas we arrange for the children to attend the audio described performance supplemented with the backstage 'Touch' performance of the pantomime.  This enables the children with visual and hearing impairments to fully engage with the performance.  

    Within school we have a range of specialist ICT equipment for the preparation of Braille, tactile diagrams and large print resources.  The school hosts the City Resource Officer and have therefore built up a large library of high quality Braille and large print student specific materials.  Some resources are shared with pupils who are based at other schools in the city.  In the past few years we have developed greater use of e-Readers.  Our PTFA kindly supported the older pupils, who are large print users, by purchasing KOBO's which provides them with a library resource of appropriate books.

    We have very good links with St Benedicts School which has a secondary school ERB equivalent.  We are fortunate to have the weekly use of a Mobility Officer from St. Benedicts. This supports the children in developing their mobility, including long cane skills and independent living skills such as road safety to prepare them for their transfer to secondary school.

    In the future we will continue to seek new ways to facilitate participation and curriculum access, particularly in physical education and our outside learning environments. Future plans include wider sensory opportunities, more adapted play equipment and developing new ICT opportunities.  

    Should you require any further information or would like to take a look around our facilities, please contact the School Office




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