Growth Mindset

    At Markeaton we are working hard to promote a Growth Mindset ethos within the children, the staff, the parents/carers and the local community. 

    The children have listened to assemblies (click on the link below), took part in Growth Mindset lessons, read stories with a Growth Mindset message (‘The Dot’ by Peter. H. Reynolds) and tried to mirror a Growth Mindset attitude which is being cultivated around the school.

    Growth Mindset was designed by Carol Dweck in the U.S.  Some of its key messages are not unique but when coupled together they represent a very powerful way of thinking which lends itself to not just school, but life in general.  For example, the notion of effort is paramount and someone with a growth mindset is able to broaden their understanding, their knowledge and their expertise through effort.  Intelligence is not a fixed trait and the more we move away from this idea the more learning becomes part of a journey rather than having a fixed end point.  Indeed, we encourage the children to say ‘I can’t do something…YET’.

    By clicking on the weblink below you can watch a series of videos produced by the Class Dojo Team all about Growth Mindset and understand what it means.  Remember, this is not just a message that can be delivered in school; it is a message which can be delivered anywhere.

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