At Markeaton it is our aim to continue to encourage pupils to be the best they can be in all areas of school life. 

    The large majority of children at Markeaton are well behaved and motivated and incidents of poor behaviour choices are rare and normally ‘low level’ issues.  We do work alongside pupils with persistent behaviour issues, helping them to understand the impact of their behaviour choices and find positive ways forward.  This is achieved through ‘Reflection Time’ and discussions with members of staff such as our Learning Mentor.  We also work with the parents/carers of the children, not only to enlist their support, but also to support them whenever necessary.  Staff communicate well and have consistent high expectations of behaviour.

    ‘Markeaton MINDS’ is a feature in all classrooms and is a vehicle to help develop children's relationships, communication skills and resilience even further.  Markeaton MINDS was set up a number of years ago and uses teaching strategies which aim to support learners to think about how they learn by making the process explicit, and in doing so help them become more effective learners through reflection and the application of learning strategies.  They are encouraged to work together, and with children that they would not always choose, to solve problems and achieve goals.  Markeaton Minds will also help us to explore our Growth Mindset (also on the website). 

    Similarly, RTime sessions continue to run on Thursday mornings, to help develop relationships and understanding between pupils by short focused tasks and discussions with random pairings.

    Behaviour Policy 2018

    Behaviour Policy - Covid 19 addendum - July 2020

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