At Markeaton it is our aim to encourage children to be the best they can be in all areas of school life.

    We work towards standards of behaviour based on the basic principles of rights, responsibilities and respect. Pupils are encouraged to contribute to a positive learning environment by recognising the need for an enthusiastic and proactive approach to learning. Lessons are designed to be engaging and inclusive to promote good behaviour and attitudes in the classroom. 

    Our emphasis is on praise and rewards to reinforce good behaviour. We believe that rewards have a motivational role, helping children to see that good behaviour is valued. In every class, a ‘Good to be Green’ chart is displayed as a visual incentive and we use ‘Class Dojo’ to reward the children with points, each child having their own personal avatar. 

    Staff communicate well and have consistent high expectations of behaviour across the school day, including lunchtimes, where our Midday Supervisors reward polite table manners and kind play, encouraging an inclusive and active playtime. 

    If necessary, we work alongside pupils with persistent behaviour issues, helping them to understand the impact of their behaviour choices and find positive ways forward. This is achieved through ‘Reflection Time’ and discussions with members of staff - such as our Learning Mentor. We also work with the parents/carers of the children, not only to enlist their support, but also to support them as needed. 

    Behaviour Policy September 2021 (currently under review)

    Behaviour Policy - Covid 19 addendum - July 2020

    Anti-Bullying Policy Sept 2022

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